RBC Athletic Trainer

Amanda Balarinni, the Red Bank Catholic Head Athletic Trainer, has a Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training, a Bachelor Of Arts in Spanish, and a Masters of Science in Athletic Training from East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania. Ms. Balarinni is a member of the National Athletic Trainers Association and the Athletic Trainers' Society of New Jersey. She has experience working with athletes of all ages in variety of sports at the high school and collegiate levels.

Athletic Training Policies and Procedures

Ms. Balarinni is responsible for all in-season athletes at Red Bank Catholic.  Anyone who is injured while playing a sport at RBC needs to inform both Ms. Balarinni and his/her coach.  Ms Balarinni’s office hours begin daily at 12:15.

Appointments with the Athletic Trainer

Students who need to see the Athletic Trainer during the school day for an injury must obtain a pass from the Athletic Department in the morning.

Students are NOT to miss any class time to see the trainer unless the Athletic Department has issued a pass and the teacher has given consent.

Medical and Doctor Notes

When an in-season athlete visits a doctor for an athletic injury, the athlete must notify the Athletic Trainer and his/her coach so that the appropriate documentation and insurance forms are completed.

All in-season athletes must present a doctor's note to the Athletic Trainer following a doctor's visit for an athletic injury.

All doctor and medical notes must be given to the Athletic Trainer/Athletic Office



Red Bank Catholic High School is taking an active approach in Concussion management for its athletes by offering Baseline Concussion Testing on a volunteer basis.  The purpose of this testing is to establish a baseline objective of cognitive, balance and oculomotor data to be used for comparison purposes in the unfortunate event that the athlete sustains a head injury in or out of sports competition. This information will be used by the athlete's physician or the team physician in determining return to play clearance. Reminder that all athletes suspected of sustaining a concussion during a game will be immediately removed from play. This testing will objectively determine went the athlete is safely ready to play! Without testing, they may be out longer or returned too soon and be susceptible to further injury. It is recommended that the tests are repeated every year to update the accuracy of the data!

WATCH a VIDEO explaining importance of baseline concussion testing.

Please contact the Athletic Trainer directly with any questions or concerns: