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We approach High School athletics with a firm belief that our programs can provide memorable, fulfilling experiences for our students. Red Bank Catholic's Athletic Program endeavors to offer opportunities for our students to develop their athletic interests and skills in an environment that honors competitive excellence, sportsmanship and camaraderie. From the ball field to the locker room, the successes and failures of athletic competition provide personal challenges, which hold the potential to develop teamwork, build character, and instill respect. To achieve these goals, we insist that our coaches pursue success within a set of rules that honors the importance of honesty and integrity. We expect our students to carry forward in their lives the lessons learned in honest athletic competition. We expect that by graduation day, our athletes will have enjoyed competitive, athletic experiences that make them citizens who appreciate the importance of physical fitness and the benefits of an active lifestyle.

Red Bank Catholic Athletic Department Objectives

To develop the strength and character, integrity, social competence, and ethical and moral values consistent with the mission of Red Bank Catholic High School.

To strengthen in student-athletes the virtues of good sportsmanship, self sacrifice, fair play, and teamwork essential to success in athletics and in our society.

To encourage the development of a stronger and healthier student-athlete with a sound mind, and a healthy work ethic.

To promote the practice of self discipline and emotional maturity in learning to make decisions in competitive and pressure situations.

To promote opportunity for students to strive for excellence in the practice and performance of athletics.

To teach participation as a member of a team, and to encourage contribution to the success and well being of a team.

To motivate students to improve individual athletic playing skills through practice and preparation.

To teach students the rules and strategies of a particular sport, and the importance of adhering to the rules and respect for both officials administering the rules and their decisions.

To demonstrate to our athletes that participate in our athletic program has responsibilities which students must properly fulfill in order to compete.

To develop in students an understanding of the value of athletics in a balanced educational process.