Spring Sports Begin April 1st

Daily Covid19:

Before every practice or game athletes need to complete a daily Covid19 screening. This is separate from Power School and can be found in the athlete portal on ATS. This form must be filled out the DAY OF the event and NOT the day or night prior. 

On regular school days the form must be completed by 1pm. 

On holidays, weekend events or early dismissal the form must be completed 1 hour before the event. 


Instructions for filling out form:

1. Log onto the athletic portal

2. Click "Screening"

3. Click the drop down menu and select "Covid-19Daily Screening"

4. Click "New"

Make sure you save the form before exiting ATS


If anyone needs further assistance they can email the athletic trainer, Lauren Barry (barryl@redbankcatholic.com) or call the athletic office at 732-747-1211.

Athletic Forms and Participation Clearance:

All athletes need to complete 9 electronic forms and submit all 4 pages of the physical forms in the Athlete Portal. All athletic information/forms can be found on the school athletics website in  Athletic Forms. The four physical forms must either be uploaded onto the Athlete Portal or handed in/sent to the athletic office. Physicals are valid for 365 days and must be valid through the first day of practice. Instructions for submitting the 9 electronic documents can be found in the "Instructions for Athlete portal" link below under "Athlete Forms Tab.”

Helpful Links:

Physical Forms

Instructions for the Athlete Portal

Athlete Portal (ATS)

If anyone needs further assistance they can email the athletic trainer, Lauren Barry (barryl@redbankcatholic.com) or call the athletic office at 732-747-1211. 

Guidelines for Indoor Sport Activities:

  • Facilities will be locked and students will have a 15-minute period before their scheduled practice start time to enter the building. 

    • Students, coaches, and essential staff only will be permitted in the facility.

  • Please drop off and pick up your student in the parking lot. 

    • Please stay in your car while waiting for your student.

  • Virtual students must come dressed for practice and games. 

    • There will be no locker room facilities for virtual students. 

    • Students in the building may store practice gear in the locker rooms before school

    • There will be a short period after school to dress.

    • Locker rooms will be locked immediately after supervised use.

    • Please talk to your coach about times for your team.

  • Every effort will be made to avoid crossover levels (Varsity, JV, freshmen).

    • Selection of teams will be limited to players needed to participate at each level.

Please contact the Athletic Office at 732-747-1211 between the hours of 9:00-3:00 if you have any questions.

Joe Montano

Director of Athletics

Buddy Hausmann

Associate Director of Athletics